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for her▓. Day after day, week after▓ week thus passed, till even months had elaps▓ed, and, despite her unwavering faith, Sarah’s▓ weary spirit flagged. “But why shoul▓d it be” she asked one day, ●as she sat by the rude bed t●o which poor old Esther was confined, and in an▓swer to her observation, it was only what● she had feared; “but why sh

The Meridian Sun

ould it b●e there must be some reason for our b▓eing so shunned.Those of the stranger faith, of▓ course, could not employ us; bu●t our own—how much better and ●happier we might be if they would take u●s into their families, and unite us by k▓indness on the one hand, and obedience and fait●hfulness on the other.” “It certainly ▓would make us happier, but we must be better fit●ted for it, Sarah, dear, before● it can be accomplished,” replied the ol●d woman.“You don’t know anything of?/p>

?the majority of us here; how many of us hat●e the very idea of going int●o service.What a dreadful deal▓ of pride is amongst us, and such false pride; ▓we very often throw away those that wou●ld be our friends, and repay sometimes with ●abuse any kindness.Then, again, we want to be▓ taught our proper duties.It is not e●nough to read our Bibles and prayer-books▓, because a great many are blinded to w▓hat they tell us.We want some one to explain● them, and tell us plainly what we ought t▓o do, and may do, without breaking ●our religion.Because you see●, dear, when we were in Jerusa

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lem, s●ome things must have been differen●t to what they can be now; and, as serv▓ants, we might be called upo●n to do some things which we think we ought no●t.Then, it is all very true about be●ing lazy and sometimes insolent.We m▓ust set about

doing all we can to be kinde●r to ourselves, before we can expect anybod▓y to be kinder to us.I see that now quite c▓learly, though I did not once; but for ●you, darling, you are good enough for an▓ybody to find a treasure in you.

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bits, the laziness and insolence that● characterised such kind of people, and they▓ certainly would not expose themselves to▓ it with their eyes open.In vain Sarah▓ pleaded for a trial—that she was will▓ing, most willing to be taught h▓er duty; that she was not wholly ignorant▓, and humbly yet earnestly tr●usted she was not proud.Her● duty to her God had, she hoped,

Nights Like Bonita

er again.S●he nearly clothed my sister’s little gir●l, and, would you believe it, Becky went to ●her house and abused her.What right, f▓orsooth, had she to know

that her child wanted c●lothes.” Sarah uttered an ex▓clamation of surprise. “Indeed, and yes,▓ dear; and so you see, though I had n●othing to do with it, I don’t much l▓ike to go to Miss Leon again; but you● might, though.I am sure she would ▓do what she could for you.” Sarah eage▓rly inquired who this Miss Leon was. “N●one of your very rich carriage people, ●dear; indeed I don’t know how she co●ntrives to do all the good she ●does, for she is not half as ri●ch a

so▓mehow or other, always does u●s good.I don’t know how many people ●she cured of rheumatism last winter, by ▓supplying them with some doctor’s stuff and war●m clothing.Then, as for the girl’s schools, ▓I don’t know what would become ●of them without her; she gets them work, cuts ▓out all they want

Two Best Friends

  • heir poorer brethren, but t▓hey shrank from being the fi▓rst to engage a Jewess as lady’s maid or ●nurse.Some, touched by her respectful, an▓d gentle manner, would have wa●ived
  • this, but when the question who was● her father, was asked and answered●, the most kindly intentioned s
  • hrank back〃埅it could not be.In vain she told the▓m she